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Someday Stories launch this week

The Outlook for Someday’s (TOFS) talent development programme Someday Stories will start to roll out its films over the next three weeks.

The six short films, made by emerging New Zealand filmmakers, will launch from Thursday, with one title being released each Monday and Thursday.

Each film is a personal take on the theme of sustainability. Someday Stories delves into a broad range of topics: the right to be heard, gender representation, intergenerational compassion, the life of a refugee survivor, taonga puoro (traditional Māori instruments used in healing) and resilience in post-earthquake Christchurch.



The filmmakers were teamed up with production mentors from the film industry for guidance and support. TOFS drew a strong line-up of mentors including Fraser Brown, Catherine Fitzgerald, and Leanne Pooley.

The six films are:

Release Date: Thursday 24 August
A story following the journey of Jerome Kavanagh, a young Māori practitioner of taonga puoro (traditional instruments used in sacred, ritual and healing ceremonies) as he revives ancient ancestral practices in our contemporary world.
Genre: Documentary
Producer/Director/Writer: Komako Silver
Co-Producer: Julie Zhu
Production Mentor: Kay Ellmers

Release Date: Monday 28 August
A young woman in a desperate situation finds unexpected compassion on a remote stretch of coastline.
Genre: Drama
Director/Writer: Alistair MacDonald
Producer: Sophia Seaton
Production Mentor: Fraser Brown

When We Speak
Release Date: Thursday 31 August
Three young poets navigate their identity through spoken word poetry.
Genre: Spoken Word / Dance
Producer / Director: Miliama Setefano
Writers: Zechariah Soakai, Kyla Dela Cruz and Liam Jacobson
Production Mentor: Stallone Vaiaoga-Ioasa

Release Date: Monday 4 September
Two teens in an earthquake damaged city go on a journey to rediscover the life in the cracks.
Genre: Drama
Director/Writer: Ellen Jones-Poole
Producer: Hannah Toulson
Production Mentor: Gillian Ashurst

A Life Like This
Release Date: Thursday 7 September
A young New Zealander and his father explore their family’s refugee story as survivors of the Khmer Rouge regime.
Genre: Animated Documentary
Producer/Director/Writer: Isaiah Tour
Production Mentor: Leanne Pooley

Drop Down Globe (pictured, top)
Release Date: Monday 11 September
Shakespeare as you’ve never seen her: remixed, remastered, and rediscovered.
Genre: Drama
Producer/Director/Writer: Stella Reid
Co-Producer: Laura Robinson
Production Mentor: Catherine Fitzgerald

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