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Someday Stories titles announced

The Outlook for Someday has announced the six titles that will be made under its Someday Stories initiative, which is open to filmmakers aged under 30. The initiative aims to offer young filmmakers, including those who’ve participated in the Somedat Challenge, another step on the journey towards a career in filmmaking.

The sustainability-focused Someday Stories films will be 8-12 minutes and are being made in the first half of 2017. The films will be screened by The Wireless, Māori Television On Demand and Thecoconet.tv. As also happens with Someday Challenge winners, the Someday Stories will also be entered into international film festivals.

Previous Someday Challenge winners selected for Someday Stories include Isaiah Tour, whose The Bin Mistake was a TOFS winner in 2012, and Ellen Jones-Poole, whose Windows was a winner in 2013. Orion Holder-Monk, also a TOFS winner in 2012, is DOP on one of the films selected for Someday Stories.

Also among the filmmakers selected for Someday Stories is Julie Zhu, a producer on Komako Silver’s Nga Hau e Wha. Zhu was also recently named one of the filmmakers selected for Loading Docs, for which she;s directing and co-producing East Meets East with DEGNZ’s Tema Pua.

Someday Stories is supported by NZ On Air, the New Zealand Film Commission and The Body Shop.

The films selected are:
A Life Like This
Producer/Director/Writer: Isaiah Tour

Producer: Sophia Seaton
Director/Writer: Alistair MacDonald

Drop Down Globe
Producer/Director/Writer: Stella Reid
Co-Producer: Laura Robinson

Producer: Hannah Toulson
Director/Writer: Ellen Jones-Poole

Nga Hau e Wha
Producer/Director/Writer: Komako Silver
Co-Producer: Julie Zhu

When We Speak
Producer/Director: Miliama Setefano
Writers: Zechariah Soakai, Kyla Dela Cruz and Liam Jacobson

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