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Something for the Weekend: 27 May 2016

If you’re quick

The: Doc Edge Festival closes in Auckland on Sunday. (Pictured, top, closing film Presenting Princess Shaw),

Out and about

A busy week for Script to Screen which has three events running. On 28 – 29 May there’s the Gerard Johnstone, Millen Baird and Florence Noble; and on 1 June in Wellington Jo Randerson and Duncan Sarkies.
10 June: application deadline for the second round of the NZWG Seed Grant
11 – 12 June: Bay of Plenty Film weekend film challenge

The door is open

Submission calls for festivals and awards events with deadlines a little further away
Festivals use a range of deadline names with no consistency. In these listings (final) = your last chance
31 May: NZ Web Fest (early)
1 June: Arohanui Film Festival (early)
1 June: MIFF 37ºSouth Market (final)
1 June: MINA 2016 Screening (final)
6 July: NZ Web Fest (final)
20 September: Armageddon Fantasy & Sci-Fi Film Festival (final)

Festivals and Conferences

19 May – 5 June: the Spanish Film Festival, Auckland
1-9 July: NZ Mountain Film Festival
14 – 31 July; NZIFF, Auckland
22 July – 7 August: NZIFF, Wellington
13 August: NZ Web Fest, Auckland
22-25 September: Screenies
24-25 September: Big Screen Symposium
30 September: Auckland Underground Film Festival
26 – 30 October: Arohanui Film Festival

* * *
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