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Sony builds ‘Beyond Definition’ at IBC 2014

Amsterdam, 12 September 2014 – Sony today introduced a range of innovative new products and solutions on the opening day of IBC 2014, taking place in the RAI Convention Center, Amsterdam. This year’s exhibits build on Sony’s ‘Beyond Definition’ theme for professional audiences, delivering enhanced visual experiences, workflow solutions and unleashing the potential of IP Live technologies.

Summary of Sony’s key products at IBC 2014, covered in detail in this release:

  • PXW-FS7 XDCAM Super35 camcorder – also refer to individual release

  • PMW-F55 and F5 camera updates – also refer to individual release

  • PWS-4400 server, version 1.2

  • ICP-X7000 control panel for MVS switchers

  • BVM-X300 30-inch4K OLED reference monitor

  • 4K-capable SxS player: first technology exhibit

  • Super Resolution De-Mosaicing Processor for F65

  • Catalyst Browse and Catalyst Prepare software: support for next-generation workflows

  • PXW-X200 XDCAM handheld camcorder also refer to individual release

  • IP Live Production: new product introduction

  • SRG-300SE AV-integrated remote camera

Smooth, efficient 4K workflows across a broad range of products and solutions

As a movement towards 4K continues to gain traction, Sony will enhance documentary production, in addition to movies, TV productions and live sports.

  • Movies and TV dramas. Visitors to Sony’s IBC stand can experience Sony’s full range of 4K cameras, including the F65, PMW-F55, PMW-F5, NEX-FS700R and PXW-Z100. These provide feature and TV productions with a wide range of options for meeting their creative and budgetary goals. Amongst other recent productions, they have been used for Hollywood films ‘Annie’, ‘LUCY’, ‘Dolphin Tale 2’ and ‘No Good Deed’.

  • Live sports. Sony will be showcasing how it partnered with FIFA TV to shoot and produce the FIFA official films for the 2014 FIFA World Cup in Brazil. As part of this effort, Sony delivered a live 4K production system and provided technical assistance to ensure the first ever 4K World Cup coverage was a success.

  • Documentary. Sony today launched two new products to meet the 4K demands of documentary and non-scripted production – the CBK-55BK shoulder mount dock and the PXW-FS7 camcorder. The CBK-55BK enables ENG/EFP-style operation of Sony’s PMW-F55 and PMW-F5 4K cameras, integrating a shoulder mount and easy-access camera controls critical to suit the fast paced shooting style required by teams with a limited crew and a lone camera operator. The PXW-FS7 is the newest addition to the 4K camcorder line up, and features a 4K Super35 CMOS sensor and multiple codecs, including the industry standard XDCAM 422 50Mbps and the latest in XAVC.

Beyond 4K’ visual entertainment solutions

Sony will demonstrate ‘Beyond 4K’ solutions, which present new possibilities for how audiences can experience content at museums, theme park, sports bars and event venues. Sony’s new Super Resolution De-Mosaicing Processor can develop ‘Beyond 4K’ content shot on the F65. Sony will show a powerful ‘Beyond 4K’ video on a giant 12K x 2K screen using three 4K projectors.

Enhanced XDCAM workflows

Sony will announce upgrades to its XDCAM range, with new support for wireless networks and efficient workflows better facilitating location shooting and quick editing. In addition to showcasing the recently launched PXW-X500, Sony will introduce the latest addition to its XDCAM range, the PXW-X200handy camcorder.

Further developments to live over IP production

Sony will demonstrate its new Networked Media Interface, which transmits video, audio and metadata between equipment across IP network infrastructures. Based on this technology, Sony will configure the IP Live Production System. Three key components of the system will be introduced to the market in Spring, 2015 – the IP Live System Manager Software, the Signal Processing Unit and the SDI-IP Converter Board (4K/HD).

To display the rapid growth of the capabilities of live over IP, Sony and BCE (Broadcasting Centre Europe) will demonstrate a full 4K production, with a frame rate of 50p, delivered live over IP.

Sony will also announce that 10 leading companies support Sony’s effort to promote Networked Media Interfaceto further accelerate the deployment of IP based productions.See separate IP Live Alliance release.

Advances in storage, archiving and digital-content

Sony will demonstrate how the growing lineup of products within its Optical Disc Archive Systemoffers powerful file-based possibilities for video archiving. The PWS-100TD1 Tape Digitising Station, released earlier this year, enables content owners to make more effective use of existing tape-based video assets.

Introducing new presentation solutions

Sony will also showcase new products such as the SRG-300SE remote camera and AWS-750 Anycast Touch Version 2.0 that make sophisticated presentations, event streaming and recording, video conferencing and video-based training a reality for schools, businesses, government agencies and hospitals.

We’re thrilled to be setting new standards for what 4K can deliver, following a summer where it truly moved into the mainstream: from Hollywood blockbusters to the 2014 FIFA World Cup final, from acquisition to projection,” said Katsunori Yamanouchi, Vice President, Sony Professional Solutions Europe. “At IBC this year we’re showing how our ‘Beyond Definition’ theme is giving broadcast professionals a true competitive edge, with fantastic image quality and processing, unrivalled speed-to-screen and ground-breaking display capabilities.”

Sony’s stand has been designed to act as a platform for a host of innovative customer projects focused on Sony products and services. It is based around six themed blocks, each exhibiting its own systems, technologies and examples of major business customer implementations:

  1. 4K live production system used at the 2014 FIFA World Cup in Brazil

  2. IP live production system, based on the AV over IP interface

  3. A focus on documentary production using the Sony F55 CineAlta 4K camera

  4. A demonstration of more efficient XDCAM workflows, leveraging the XAVC format and wireless communication

  5. Examples of news production systems using Sonaps and other network solutions

  6. An overview of video archiving and asset digitising services

Additional information on new products and solutions being announced today

PXW-FS7: the ultimate choice for one-person operation, combining high sensitivity and high resolution image capture with a comfortable, robust design

The PXW-FS7 is the first XDCAM camcorder to feature a 4K Super35 CMOS sensor. Capable of shooting in 4K (Quad Full High Definition 3840 x 2160) in XAVC 4K, and super slow motion in Full HD also in XAVC, the latest member of the XDCAM family has been designed for documentary, music video and corporate filmmakers looking for beautiful picture quality and an unrivalled choice of recording formats.

CBK-55BK shoulder mount dock: documentary/”run-&-gun” shooting accessory for the PMW-F55/F5

The CBK-55BK shoulder mount dock enables one-person operation of Sony’s PMW-F55 and PMW–F5 cameras, making it easy to achieve a shooting style to suit a variety of needs while maintaining the familiar, easy-to-use operational and interface features of traditional shoulder camcorders. In December 2014, Sony will also release a new option board CBK-55PD to enable these cameras to record in Apple ProRes and Avid® DNxHD®.

PWS-4400 server version 1.2: for delivering truly powerful 4K/HD

When coupled with the F65 4K CineAlta camera – the camera with the highest picture quality in the industry – the new PWS-4400 server is capable of delivering 4K 120p video shot on an F65 camera. Combined with the F55 it can offer both 4K and ultra-high speed HD imaging up to 360 fps, ideal for capturing and replaying sports highlights. The new update for the 4K/HD server, scheduled for release in November, will add optional support for the PWS-CD401 codec, enabling compliance with DNxHD® formats.

ICP-X7000 control panel: further enriches Sony’s acclaimed 4K*/HD multi-format MVS switchers

The MVS-8000X and MVS-7000X professional/broadcast switchers now feature the newly developed ICP-X7000 control panel. The new panel adds an RGB cross-point button, a high-visibility OLED display and an easy-to-operate LCD button group. These switchers can also implement network-data management capability, enabling new and improved methods of working.

*optional software upgrade adds 4K support.

BVM-X300: 30-inch4K TRIMASTER EL™ OLED reference monitor

The BVM-X300 offers DCI-standard 4K (4096 x 2160 pixels) and UltraHD (3840 x 2160 pixels) picture resolution for reference monitoring of high-end cinema production and TV applications. Sony’s unique Super Top Emission OLED technology provides users with a huge contrast ratio and wide colour reproduction close to the ITU-R BT and 2020 colour space standard. In addition, the BVM-X300 provides a High Dynamic Range mode. This offersnever-seen-before image reproduction – the black is black, and peakbrightness can be reproduced more realistically with colours that are typicallysaturated in a conventional standard dynamic range. This mode canbrilliantly express sparkling town lights and stars in the night sky.

Over 35,000 TRIMASTER EL professional HD monitors will have been shipped worldwide as of the end of September 2014.

4K-capable SxS player: first technology exhibit

Sony will showcase its development of a 4K 60p XAVC player capable of easy playback from SxS memory cards. The new player offers easy operation and direct SDI and HDMI connection to monitors and projectors. Product launch is expected in Autumn 2015.

Super Resolution De-Mosaicing Processor: workflow solution for ‘Beyond 4K’ production

Sony’s Super Resolution De-Mosaicing Processor can develop 8K x 4K 60fps video from RAW data shot on an F65 camera. A cutout function offers free resolution and free aspect-ratio live-action content production. It can be used to drive giant-screen displays through multiple 4K projectors, and to project onto multiple screens freely configured into panoramas or vertical displays.

Catalyst Browse and Catalyst Prepare: support for next-generation workflows

Sony’s development of Catalyst Browse follows industry momentum around the XAVC codec to place it alongside RAW as a major recording format. The new platform combines the capabilities of conventional RAW viewers and content browsers, with upcoming support for a wide range of formats, including RAW, MPEG4 SStP, XAVC, MPEG 2 and AVCHD, Apple ProRes and Avid® DNxHD®. Catalyst Browse will work with Sony CineAlta and XCDAM lineups (PMW-F55 PXW-FS7, PXW-X500, PXW-X200 and other cameras), and will come as standard on Sony NXCAM units.

The new Catalyst Prepare software package enables secure and efficient management of recorded assets, enabling smooth workflows from shooting through editing. This package includes Catalyst Browse capabilities, and adds verifiable copying, file conversion and EDL output support.

PXW-X200 camcorder:

Sony today introduced the PXW-X200, a new handheld member of the XDCAM family of memory camcorders. Ideally suited to broadcasters as well as corporate and event film makers, the PXW-X200 features a new 1/2 inch Exmor™ 3CMOS sensor, a new 17x zoom lens and XAVC Intra/Long GOP recording with 4:2:2 10-bit sampling as well as MPEG HD 4:2:2. The results are high quality Full HD (1920×1080) pictures, high sensitivity (F13 at 1080/50i), low noise (S/N ratio of 58dB) and a wide dynamic range – essential for professionals shooting under challenging lighting conditions.

IP Live Production: New product introduction

The IP Live System Manager Software is a controller among all devices in the system. Sony’s unique algorithms deliver optimal management of network resources with Quality of Service techniques to provide required levels of stability to ensure dependable network transmission. The Signal Processing Unit is a rack-mountable frame with 18 slots for a variety of optional boards. It is equipped with dual power supplies for redundancy to get through mission-critical operations.

The SDI-IP Converter Board is an optional board for the Signal Processing Unit. This board provides an IP interface capability to conventional SDI-based equipment, which is crucial for wide adoption of the Networked Media Interface. This board can handle a single 4K video signal in 4K mode and up to four HD video signals in HD mode.

SRG-300SE: AV-integrated remote camera

The new SRG-300SE remote camera supports full HD (1080/60fps) recording and efficient transmission via both 3G-SDI baseband (a worldwide industry standard) and IP networks. The sound section captures AAC audio through two external LINE/MIC inputs and an internal equaliser, while camera-side software corrects for uneven video and audio latencies. System firmware implements a web browser that can be used to control settings and camera operation, and to monitor the results, allowing full control from anywhere on the network.

AWS-750 Anycast Touch Version 2.0: all-in-one content producer

An upgrade to Anycast Touch adds important features including stronger streaming capability with advanced settings to accommodate common streaming site standards, and the support for VISCA over IP to enable control of IP-connected cameras.

Avid and DNxHD are trademarks or registered trademarks of Avid Technology, Inc. or its subsidiaries in the United States and/or other countries

About Sony: With a diverse portfolio of businesses across electronics, music, film, gaming and telecommunications, Sony is uniquely positioned to be the world’s largest technology and entertainment company. Sony Australia Limited and Sony New Zealand Limited are wholly owned subsidiaries of the Sony Corporation of Japan, a leading manufacturer of audio, video, communications and information technology products for the consumer and professional markets. Committed to producing innovative and quality electronic products, the range includes BRAVIA TVs, Cyber-shot digital cameras, Handycam camcorders, α digital SLR cameras, Walkman MP3 players, READER eBook Readers as well as professional broadcast and production equipment. For more information on Sony Australia, visit www.sony.com.au or for New Zealand visit www.sony.co.nz

Product Information: For further Sony professional and broadcast and production product information or stockist details, readers can contact Sony Australia on 1300 720 071 or visit pro.sony.com.au. For Sony New Zealand call 09 488 6188 or visit pro.sony.co.nz

Images: Product images can be downloaded from the Sony Australia Flickr site www.flickr.com/photos/sonyaustralia. For situational images, please contact Nick Buchner at [email protected]

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