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Sony’s IP Live Production System evolves

Sony, 4 September 2015: Sony has today announced three new additions to its IP Live Production System, a value-added solution that increases operational efficiency while providing robust support for high-value modalities such as 4K and 8K. Designed with broadcasters in mind, Sony’s IP Live Production System streamlines and modernises live broadcast workflows in addition to supporting next generation technologies emerging in content creation.

To ensure interoperability, Sony establishes cooperative links and makes the necessary technologies and development tools available to leading vendors. As of September 2015, 36 manufacturers support IP Live Production System.

Sony will share this new technology at IBC 2015 with 4K IP-ready new products both with direct IP interfaces and conventional SDI, for flexible system set-up and smooth migration to IP. Attendees at this year’s show will have the opportunity to see the XVS-8000, the world’s first 4K/IP live switcher; the BPU-4500, a 4K/IP baseband processor unit; and the PWS-4500, a 4K/IP multiport AV server. These products come together to form a full ecosystem that delivers an IP Live Production System that is efficiently managed and distributed through the Sony’s IP Live system manager.

While developing solutions for IP Live production, Sony developed a new AV transmission interface called the Networked Media Interface. The Networked Media Interface will transform all signals for live shooting to IP including video, audio, meta-data, synchronous signals and control signals. It will permit resource sharing with other production systems, allowing file-based systems and live systems can be integrated into one. This will not only improve productivity but will provide significant cost savings for broadcasters, as they will no longer need to double their investment for each production system.

The advances made with the Networked Media Interface also reflect the technological advances within the wider industry, catering for the growing demand for content with higher frame rates, and higher resolutions. The Networked Media Interface is a future proofed interface that supports SD, HD, 4K, 8K, and high frame rates in both compressed and non-compressed formats. It also transmits 4K over IP in one single Ethernet cable utilizing a low latency video codec.

With the introduction of IP Live, broadcasters ensure their infrastructure is efficient, scalable and that they have an investment that will last for the next decade and beyond, effectively replacing and going beyond the current capabilities offered by SDI. System scalability is reflected in the migration from SD/HD to a next generation video format.

As part of the Networked Media Interface, Sony has submitted the technical specification of low latency video codec that was developed for 4K transmission over IP in 10Gpbs, to SMPTE (Society of Motion Picture and Television Engineers) as Registered Disclosure Document (RDD). In addition, Sony proposed necessary technological elements for live production over IP, to take effect in the SMPTE ST 2022 specification.

At this year’s IBC, Sony is proud to announce that TV Globo, the prevalent broadcaster in Brazil, has chosen Sony as their IP migration partner. TV Globo recently signed a contract with Sony to develop the world’s first purpose-built 4K/IP Outside Broadcasting (“OB”) truck that will be available in 2016.

“This new OB truck will be a key component of TV Globo’s production plans for the upcoming big sporting events happening in Brazil from 2016 onwards. Sony has always been a reliable partner for TV Globo, so having Sony as a strategic partner in this project gives us confidence that it will be delivered successfully. What’s more, Sony’s vision around 4K/IP live technology is very well aligned with our own. The 4K/IP product line up just announced by Sony is perfectly suited for this 4K/IP OB truck project.” said Raymundo Barros, CTO of TV Globo.

New Products
XVS-8000, the world’s first 4K/IP Live switcher

Supporting the Networked Media Interface, the XVS-8000 has direct IP connectivity. Based on the renowned MVS-8000X, the 4K functionality is enhanced in the XVS-8000, similar to 5ME configurations, so as to meet the demands of live event production. 4K CG wipe is also available due to the increased capacity in the XVS-8000 frame memory, while secure back-up and fast restoring is enabled with the built-in SSD.
Available in January, 2016.

BPU-4500, 4K/IP Base band processor unit
Supporting the Networked Media Interface, the BPU-4500 has direct IP connectivity, working with the 4K cameras such as the HDC-4300, the F65 and the PMW-F55 together with CA-4000 system camera adapter. The BPU-4500 generates 4K signals and simultaneously HD signal outputs that match to the current Sony HD system cameras. The BPU-4500 works with the HDCU-2000/2500 camera control unit to permit the same system operation as the current HDC camera system.
Available in January, 2016.

PWS-4500, 4K/IP Multi port AV server
The PWS-4500 supports both the Networked Media Interface (by optional board) and conventional SDI. Providing a new “Share Play” feature, with 10G networking, files can be monitored and shared between servers located remotely, for example between several OB trucks or facilities. Redundant power supply and 8x replay in HD (optional) are also available.
Available in January, 2016.

About Sony: With a diverse portfolio of businesses across electronics, music, film, gaming and telecommunications, Sony is uniquely positioned to be the world’s largest technology and entertainment company. Sony Australia Limited and Sony New Zealand Limited are wholly owned subsidiaries of the Sony Corporation of Japan, a leading manufacturer of audio, video, communications and information technology products for the consumer and professional markets. Committed to producing innovative and quality electronic products, the range includes BRAVIA TVs, Cyber-shot digital still cameras, α digital SLR cameras, Handycam camcorders and Walkman MP3 players, as well as professional broadcast and production equipment. For more information on Sony Australia, visit Sony NZ

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