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Stats view industry through A Wider Lens

Back in 2012 Stats NZ’s Jason Mackiewicz presented at the SPADA Conference on applying Linked Employer-Employee Data (LEED) to the screen industry. Stats NZ has now completed another look at the numbers.

The report, A Wider Lens, looks at earnings and demographic information within the screen industries. It’s not data that’s easy to access or assess. Many people work on various jobs on short term contracts, sometime across a number of roles, some in roles which mean that only part of their income relates to screen industry business.

The current announcement slices and dices the numbers based on industry sector, age, sex, income and further develops the data revealed back in 2012. It also offers for download the tables of data.

As far as possible, the data made available this week syncs with categories and methodologies that provide the numbers for the annual Screen Industry Survey.

It will be little surprise that the data confirms, for example, that the majority of people who work in exhibition are young or that fewer people work in distribution than in other sectors of the screen industries. However, if you’re young, male, single and straight, they’re also the sectors employing the largest numbers of young, female workers – information worth having if you consider stalker a viable career option.


I produce LEED data for the screen industry by identifying the list of businesses who respond to the screen industry survey and where’s my rusk?

The Stats NZ announcement and more intelligent commentary on some of the data is here.

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