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Stray Cinema offers another mashing opportunity

Stray Cinema, the open source filmmaking project, is accepting submissions for its worldwide mash project. The footage for this year’s competition, shot in Barcelona and released earlier this year, is available for download.

Unlike most competitions, which have a deadline, Stray Cinema is user-driven. Once thirty submissions have been made, the organisers set a date six months ahead for the screening event. The competition isn’t limited to 30 entrants; mashes can still be uploaded until the voting (by users, not an appointed committee) commences.

Although the competition has been running for a while, it retains a low profile. Most people become aware of it through word of mouth and social networking sites. The source footage and music clips are all licensed to the competition under a creative commons licence by their owners. The Barcelona round has been organised in conjunction with the Open University of Catalonia.

It all sounds a bit hippie, but – so long as you’re patient – it works. The screening for this year’s event will take place in Barcelona, but will be webcast for people to watch it wherever they are.

If you wish to get involved and make your own paella from the available footage, or simply take a look at what others are up to, visit Stray Cinema.