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The Beggar’s Banquet: 16 December 2015

Welcome to the Beggar’s Banquet, where screen projects seeking a helping hand are welcome. Projects seeking support are listed by closing date.

This is the final edition of the Beggar’s Banquet for 2015. The first ediiton of 2016 will run Wednesday 20 January

17 December

Pot Luck


18 December

Bright Summer Night

WEBSERIES: Bright Summer Night

20 December

Druglawed 2

DOCUMENTARY: Druglawed 2


DOCUMENTARY: Fragments of the Great South Road

21 December


GAME: Aftershock

Mutiny of Colours

DOCUMENTARY: Mutiny of Colours

24 December


FEATURE FILM: Internecionem

22 January

The Road Home

SHORT FILM: The Road Home (pictured, top)

31 January

Taken for a Ride Again

DOCUMENTARY: Taken for a Ride Again

18 February


SHORT FILM: Scarcity

No fixed deadline

Flat 3 Productions

Flat 3 Productions

A Place To Call Home

DOCUMENTARY: A Place To Call Home


* * *

Need help? Maybe screeNZ can help you find some through The Beggar’s Banquet. Just take a squint at the small print and then send us the info. The Beggar’s Banquet publishes on Wednesdays.

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