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The Beggar’s Banquet: 21 December 2016

This is the final Beggars Banquet column of 2016.
The first column in 2017 will publish on Wednesday 18 January

Welcome to the Beggar’s Banquet, where screen projects seeking a helping hand are welcome. Projects seeking support are listed by closing date.

25 December

Tomorrow I Quit

SHORT FILM: Tomorrow I Quit

15 January


20 January

SHORT FILM: Delivery

31 January

Celia Lashlie

DOCUMENTARY: untitled, about Celia Lashlie

1 February

Crafty Brews

WEB SERIES: Crafty Brews

No fixed deadline

My Year With Helen

My Year With Helen

Flat 3 Productions

Flat 3 Productions

The Candle Wasters


* * *

Need help? Maybe SCREENZ can help you find some through The Beggar’s Banquet. Send us a link to your project.

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