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The Beggar’s Banquet: 3 August 2016

Welcome to the Beggar’s Banquet, where screen projects seeking a helping hand are welcome. Projects seeking support are listed by closing date.

4 August



5 August

Ice Staff

GAME: The Tale of the Ice Staff

12 August

The Air Is A Material

DOCUMENTARY: The Air is a Material



13 August

Debts We Pay

SHORT FILM: Debts We Pay

15 August

Amelia Speaking

SHORT FILM: Amelia Speaking

Grad Film

GRAD FILM: Party ‘Til We Die

16 August

Wearing Thin

SHORT FILM: Wearing Thin

31 August

Team Salt & Light

48Hours: Team Salt & Light

Fruit & Nuts

DOCUMENTARY: Fruit & Nuts Unlimited

1 September

Land of the Taniwha

SHORT FILM: Land of the Taniwha

10 September

Finding Grandma

DOCUMENTARY: Finding Grandma

No fixed deadline

Breaking and Entering

SHORT FILM: Breaking and Entering

My Year With Helen

My Year With Helen

Flat 3 Productions

Flat 3 Productions

* * *

Need help? Maybe SCREENZ can help you find some through The Beggar’s Banquet. Send us a link to your project.

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