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The Strength off Toilets is a winner in France

The announcement about the winners of the St Tropez Festival of the Antipodes is in French. Fresh from translating manuals for Chinese DVD recorders, the St Tropez-based Festival of the Antipodes announces some winners. We think.

Samson & Delilah almost swept the field, including the performers. The jury, led by Anthony LaPaglia, was “bluff?” about their work.

While his praise was heartfelt – even though he represents Balibo, locked in combat between friends for Australian awards – the competition did not number any of the other major films on the circuit at the moment.

Dean Spanley and Bright Star were both shown out of competition.

But the popular vote did not go to Samson & Delilah at all. Instead, it went to a film from New Zealand. This is the Babelfish translation of the announcement …

“The Price of the public was allotted to the New Zealand feature-length film The Strength off toilets. The Price Baudin-Woodside Valley Foundation of the best short film, decreed by a jury of high-school pupils, returned in Somewhere only we know of Jamie Lawrence. The Price of the New Zealand scenario of Antipodes, which according to the organizers has the role to give a “European glance” on a selection of three New Zealand sc?narii, rewarded Uncle’s Story for Norelle Scott.”

The Strength of Water, or toilets if you’re of the Gallic persuasion, was directed by Armagan Ballantyne, written by Briar Grace Smith and produced by Fiona Copland and gang.

Jamie Lawrence has a clever take on sponsorship, while Norelle Scott was probably in the legendary NZ horror flick, Death Warmed Up, an excerpt of which can be enjoyed here.

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