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The Summer is Gone in Taiwan

Dalei Zhang’s black and white drama The Summer Is Gone took the Best Film award at Tawian’s Golden Horse ceremony on Saturday night.

IT was several surprise decisions, with no title dominating the evening. Whether that outcome stemmed from a large number of good films or a lack of great ones is up for debate, but certainly there was no Assassin going into the evening as the title to beat.

One of last year’s winners from The Assassin, Mark Lee Ping-Bin, won again this year, taking away the cinematography gong for Crosscurrent, for which he received a Silver Bear in Berlin.

At the Golden Horse 47 titles competed across 22 categories, with Chung Mong-Hong’s Taiwanese comedy Godspeed leading the way into the evening with eight nods, including Best Film. By the end of the (almost four hour) ceremony, it had taken four, but none of the major honours.

Plenty of other titles were also nominated in multiple categories, including The Road To Mandalay and Zhang Yang’s Soul on a String (six each), and I Am Not Madame Bovary, The Summer is Gone and Sicheng Chen’s Detective Chinatown (five each). Despite the evening’s honours being spread around, neither The Road To Mandalay nor Soul on a String left with honours. Mandalay filmmaker Midi Z was announced as this year’s Taiwanese Filmmaker of the Year.

Feng Xiaogang took the Directing honours for I Am Not Madame Bovary, with the film having earlier won the Audience Award from the Golden Horse Festival, which presented its awards on Friday night. Best Film The Summer Is Gone was also a winner at the Festival awards, which took the FIPRESCI Prize,

The Summer Is Gone

The 53rd Taipei Golden Horse Film Festival ran 4 – 24 November. The awards were presented 26 November.

The winners were (marked ***):

Best Feature Film
I Am Not Madame Bovary
The Road To Mandalay

*** The Summer Is Gone

Best Documentary
Small Talk
The Road

*** Le Moulin
City Of Jade

Best Animation Feature
(no nominees)

Best Live Action Short Film
Fu And Li
*** A Sunny Day

Best Animated Short Film
*** Wander In The Dark
White Tunnel

Best Director
Chung Mong-Hong, Godspeed
Johnnie To Kei Fung, Three
*** Feng Xiaogang, I Am Not Madame Bovary
Derek Tsang Kwok Cheung, Soul Mate
Midi Z, The Road To Mandalay

Best Leading Actor
Tony Leung Ka Fai, Cold War 2
Michael Hui Koon Man, Godspeed
Jacky Cheung Hok Yau, Heaven In The Dark
*** Fan Wei, Mr. No Problem
Kai Ko Chen-Tung, The Road To Mandalay

Best Leading Actress
(joint winners)
Tiffany Hsu Wei-Ning, The Tag-Along
Fan Bingbing, I Am Not Madame Bovary
*** Zhou Dongyu, Soul Mate
*** Sandra Ma Sichun, Soul Mate
Wu Ke-Xi, The Road To Mandalay

Best Supporting Actor
Paul Chun Pui, Book Of Love
Lin Yu-Chih, Godspeed
*** Austin Lin Po Hung, At Cafe 6
Eric Tsang Chi Wai, Mad World
Lam Suet, Robbery

Best Supporting Actress
Wu Yanshu, Book Of Love
Liu Pei, Someone To Talk To
Li Xing, The Tenants Downstairs
*** Elaine Jin, Mad World
Lu Yi-Ching, Foret Debussy

Best New Director
Cheng Wei-Hao, The Tag-Along
*** Wong Chun, Mad World
Frank Hui, Jevons Au, Vicky Wong, Trivisa
Chu Hsien-Che, White Ant
Zhang Dalei, The Summer Is Gone

Best New Performer
Tony Wu Tsz Tung, Weeds On Fire
Buya Watan, Lokah Laqi!
Annie Chen, White Lies, Black Lies
*** Kong Weiyi, The Summer Is Gone
Kimba, Soul On A String

Best Original Screenplay
Laha Mebow, Lokah Laqi!
Xue Xiaolu, Jiao Huajing, Book Of Love
*** Loong Man Hong , Thomas Ng, Mak Tin-Shu, Trivisa
Midi Z, The Road To Mandalay
Zhang Dalei, The Summer Is Gone

Best Adapted Screenplay
Fire Lee, He Xin, Frankie Tam, Robbery
Liu Zhenyun, I Am Not Madame Bovary
*** Mei Feng, Huang Shi, Mr. No Problem
Lam Wing Sum, Li Yuan, Xu Yi-Meng, Wu Nan, Soul Mate
Tashi Dawa, Zhang Yang, Soul On A String

Best Cinematography
Du Jie, Detective Chinatown
Nagao Nakashima, Godspeed
Lu Songye, The Summer Is Gone
Guo Daming, Soul On A String
*** Mark Lee Ping-Bin, Crosscurrent

Best Visual Effects
*** Douglas Hans Smith, Sam Khorshid, Strilen Liu, Mojin The Lost Legend
Charles Lee, Chishan Liu, The Tag-Along
Yee Kwok Leung, Raymond Leung, Cold War 2
Zuo Zhi Zhong, Han Ho, Aeolian Yang, Jack Yu, The Tenants Downstairs
Raymond Leung Wai Man, Yee Kwok Leung, Garrett K Lam, Ip Man 3

Best Art Direction
Li Miao, Detective Chinatown
Mak Kwok Keung, Ip Man 3
*** Chao Shih Hao, Godspeed
Lo Shun Fu, Premo Fang, One Night Only
Akekarat Homlaor, The Road To Mandalay

Best Makeup And Costume Design
*** Stanley Cheung, Detective Chinatown
Hsu Li-Wen, Godspeed
Sukie Yip, Trivisa
Dora Ng, Soul Mate
Lei Jing, Soul On A String

Best Action Choreography
Shim Jae Won, Yang Kil Yong, Mojin The Lost Legend
*** Wu Gang, Detective Chinatown
Chin Ka Lok, Cold War 2
Yuen Woo Ping, Ip Man 3
Adam Chan, Mrs. K

Best Original Film Score
*** Lim Giong, City Of Jade
Tseng Si-Ming, Godspeed
Xavier Jamaux, Three
Du Wei, I Am Not Madame Bovary
Zhang Jian, Soul On A String

Best Original Film Song
It’s Cold Without Your Love, Big Fish And Begonia
Sawadika, Detective Chinatown
Love Without Words, Lokah Laqi!
(It’s Not A Crime) It’s Just What We Do , Soul Mate
*** Arena Cahaya, Ola Bola

Best Film Editing
Lin Wan-Yu, Small Talk
Kao Ming-Sheng, Wang Ching-Chiao,, The Tag-Along
Cheung Ka Fai, Ip Man 3
*** Allen Leung Chin-Lun, David Richard, Trivisa
Derek Hui, Li Dianshi, Zhou Xiaolin, Tan Xiang-Yuan, Soul Mate

Best Sound Effects
Huang Ya Li, Yannick Dauby, Le Moulin
Joe Huang, Mountain Cry
Xu Chen, Li Xiaodan, Gao Qiuhui, Ren Dong, The Summer Is Gone
Yang Jiang, Zhao Nan, Soul On A String
*** Fang Tao, Hao Zhiyu, Crosscurrent

Outstanding Taiwanese Filmmaker Of The Year
Midi Z

Lifetime Achievement Award
Zhang Yong Xiang (screenwriter)

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