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The Trailer Park: 4 May 2015


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On screens

With a little help from Weta, Paul Walker et al have the year’s highest earning release to date.

Limbering up ahead of release are

Chris Pryor & Miriam Smith’s The Ground We Won opens Thursday, with Aucklanders getting a Film Talk screening with the directors on Wednesday.

On 7 May Robert Connolly’s Paper Planes brings Sam Avatar Worthington back to NZ, along with The Sapphires’ Deborah Mailman, named last week in the cast for Goalpost-Pukeko co-production Cleverman.

I Survived A Zombie Holocaust, coming at you from all directions on 22 May.

Eyemobi game Phantasmal, now on early release

Festival fare …

Make My Movie winner Deathgasm, seen at Stanley Film Fest over the weekend and heading to Seattle shortly.

Opening here 21 May, Slow West shot down south last year.

Coming soon to the Doc Edge Festival

Richard Sidey’s Speechless: the Polar Realm

Christopher Dudman’s The Day That Changed My Life

Tony Forster’s An Accidental Berliner

As usual, we’ll round off the week with a tune.

To mark the beginning of NZ Music Month, here’s Che Fu’s Fade Away, the biggest selling NZ single from 2001 – the year NZ Music Month was launched.

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