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The Trailer Park: 7 December 2015


Coming up

Opening on Thursday (10 December), the NZ-shot Krampus

Warming up for 3 March, Lee Tamahori’s Mahana


The Actors Program’s webseries The Engagement Party

The first episode of webseries Pot Luck (pictured, top), currently fundraising on Boosted until 17 December

Peter Haynes’ webseries AFK

Auckward Love

David Gould’s feature The Cure

Jason Stutter’s The Dead Room

Chaz Harris’ End of Term

Now on video and VOD, Chris Pryor’s The Ground We Won

Jiwi’s Machines

Jonathan King’s NZIFF-premiered Realiti (top image), now available on Vimeo SVOD

Sounding Off

Jupiter Project’s Sweet Disguise

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