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thedownlowconcept plays Patriot Games

thedownlowconcept and Canadian production company iThentic have launched their multiplatform experience The Nations!.

The Nations!

The Nations!

iThentic has a solid track record online, having created International Digital Emmy winning transmedia web series Guidestones and being named Canada’s Digital Company of the Year. thedownlowconcept is known primarily for its TV work, including game show 7 Days and comedies Hounds and Coverband.

The new transmedia project is fronted by two comedians, Seán Cullen from Canada and Jarred Christmas from New Zealand. It’s a digital format featuring ordinary citizens of one country – not athletes – challenging citizens of another in the wackiest ways possible, undertaking strange and absurd challenges in search of the ultimate victory – national bragging rights!

From bizarre monuments to weirdest local tradition to tastiest burger – each video episode and game features a new theme. Production on the series of webisodes begins next week in Canada, heading to NZ from 12 September.

“The idea is to create an-Olympics-like experience – not in sporting events, but in every day categories like music, food and politics. Add to that our comic hosts, we want to create a hilarious competition around national pride,” said Catherine Tait, EP and co-founder of iThentic.

The Nations!

Viewers can also fly the flag for NZ (albeit that flag being subject to change) by joining in and scoring points on The Nations website. The Canada-NZ Digital Media Fund is a joint initiative between NZ On Air and some maple leaf lovers.

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