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TiVo: NZ first to get on-demand service

Hybrid Television Services (ANZ) Pty Limited announced yesterday that TiVo will launch its new on-demand service in New Zealand before any other country. The all-new broadband portal, CASPA? On-Demand, will have its international debut here.

CASPA On-Demand is a world of broadband entertainment including new release movies, hit TV shows as well as music videos and concerts. The broadband content on CASPA is provided as pay-per-view, advertiser funded or free of charge. Customers can “pay-as-they-use”.

The New Zealand launch bundle will go on sale exclusively through Telecom from November 6. It comprises a TiVo 320 Media Device and the Home Networking Package, which enables the customer to transfer TV recordings from their TiVo to their PC or portable device, as well as view home movies, pictures and listen to their music on the TV. The ‘320’ refers to the size of the hard drive in the personal video recorder (PVR).

Robbee Minicola, Hybrid’s CEO, said, “A key factor … was to enable broadband features on the television versus the computer. We knew that TiVo was the leader in controlling live television with its award winning features like Season Pass? recordings and WishList? searches but we sought to exploit broadband to take the product to the next level. We have achieved that with the CASPA On-Demand service.”

Sony has also joined the party, adding an online music store BanditFM to the TiVo offer, which is already up and running in Australia. The launch here is scheduled for late November, featuring music videos and interviews.

Until 24 January next year, $920 will buy you a TiVo 320 Media Device, Wireless Adaptor and free Home Networking Package. Telecom customers can pay $200 up front and then $30 a on their monthly bill for two years.

Hybrid is majority owned by Australia’s Seven Network, with TVNZ holding a one third share. Visit TiVo for more information.

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