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Tom Sainsbury’s Aussie gig

Tom Sainsbury, actor, comedian, writer and NZ’s famous ‘snap chat dude’ appears in an upcoming
episode of True Story with Hamish and Andy, the hit comedy show from Aussie duo Hamish Blake and Andy Lee.

The episode will be broadcast in NZ on Thursday 21 December and is a stellar chance for us to
appreciate his acting and comedic talents already screened to an international audience. Tom has been active in the creative industry for many years, writing and appearing in dozens of his own plays. He recently appeared on the big screen in local films Pork Pie and Waru; and the small screen in Shortland Street and Filthy Rich; but is most well known domestically for his impersonations of politicians on social media, his work exploding into the mainstream media during the 2017 election.

Tom is available as Actor, Comedian, MC, Influencer and more.