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Tore Frandsen joins The Sweet Shop

The Sweet Shop is proud to announce the addition of director Tore Frandsen to their roster of global talent. Both a popular artist and a critical favourite, Tore’s celebrated versatility behind the camera has helped him create a body of work highly regarded for its tight concepts and clever designs.

His trademark cinematic style has turned heads internationally and led to creative partnerships with some of the world’s biggest brands including Olympus, Nokia, Shell, Lego and Coca-Cola among others.

“I never saw myself as a director. When I started making film with my friends as a child I would always be the one who was the most into the story, the shooting, the casting, locations, costume, editing, sound…” says Tore about his passion for creativity. “I was annoyingly into every little detail really. And that just turned out to be the role of the director.” 

While still a teenager, Tore took a job as a runner at advertising firm, JWT where in the evenings, he would stay late and write his own creative which he would then casually leave on the desks of the executives in his department. After showing a real proficiency, Tore was brought on for various campaigns and started winning a slew of awards, including a Cannes Lion before the age of twenty.

A graduate of both The Danish Advertisement School and the Copenhagen Film and Photo School, Tore’s ability to work within multiple styles and genres lead to his shortlisting for a Creative Gold Award for Young Talents. Building on that momentum, Tore started his own production company, Fandango Film, where he wrote, pitched, shot and directed all his own content before being signed by Denmark’s biggest commercial company, BaconCPH. Since then, Tore has continued to push himself to new creative heights, successfully experimenting in various styles and genres while managing to retain a look and feel all his own.

A Creative Circle, True, Epica and Cannes Award winner, Tore’s work has been the recipient of much praise internationally which is why he has recently chosen to partner with The Sweet Shop for his global career management.

“Through my years of experience I have found that my best films are achieved in collaboration with talented people. I’m the kind of person who likes good company, so TSS seem to be the optimal combination: Extremely professional, talented and really likeable people at the same time!” says Tore of his decision to sign with The Sweet Shop. “I am very proud to be a part of this family!” 

“I’m really looking forward to working with Tore. He has a unique advantage in his craft, which enables the viewer to inhabit the world he creates. His wonderful contemporary stories and ideas are built to be remembered”, says Fiona King, Executive Producer of The Sweet Shop.

The Sweet Shop’s CEO/Founding Partner Paul Prince adds, “Personally, I can only ever be the audience. Tore’s work resonates with this idea. The audience of one. His craft celebrates an intimacy of humanity, with all its charms and his great ability to express it. It’s something very special to The Sweet Shop and I’m honoured he has chosen our team.”

Tore’s signing is yet another example of The Sweet Shop’s ongoing commitment to growing talent with a strong voice and unique skills spread across the industry.