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The Trailer Park: 3 November 2014

Sit back, put your feet up, and enjoy the fruits of others’ labours for a few minutes …



to Toa Fraser’s The Dead Lands, which opened on Thursday and was the day’s best earner.

Fraser has a second title making a much more limited return to screens, with his 2013 Giselle playing as part of NTSV’s upcoming Dance Season

Also returning to screens this week is What We Do in the Shadows, which began its on-demand release on the weekend.

Also on screens this week are

Gerard Johnstone’s Housebound is all but gone, but will return on video early next month.

Bryn Evans’ Hip Hop-eration, which will play in competition at IDFA shortly

Completing its third and seemingly final season, here’s the finale of Flat 3

AFK webseries, seeking support on Kickstarter until 23 November

Also seeking help, this time with compositing is Dimi Nakov’s sci-fi thriller ARA. Here’s the recently-released [C.O.M.A CORP. TEASER].

And, as usual, we’ll round off the week with a tune.

This week it’s Tami Neilson, the Apra Silver Scroll winner for Walk (Back to Your Arms) and one of the musicians contributing to SPP’s recently-concluded Brokenwood Mysteries

* * *

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