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The Trailer Park: 4 August 2014

Sit back, put your feet up, and enjoy the fruits of others’ labours. New this week …


James Napier Robertson’s NZIFF opener The Dark Horse is now in cinemas.

It’s been enjoying many enthusiastic reviews, and has Cliff Curtis and James Rolleston in it. What more reason do you need?

A former NZIFF film heads out into the world on video this week, courtesy of Vendetta.

Alyx Duncan’s The Red House took home the Best Self-Funded Film gong from the inaugural MOA bash two years ago, fending off stiff competition from Netherwood, Good For Nothing and We Feel Fine.

Coming to TV screens on Sunday (10 August) will be Great Southern’s The Kick, a story of redemption and snatching victory from the jaws of four more years of national hand-wringing and, far more important than anything else, rugby.

We couldn’t find a trailer but you could always take a look at this, which shares the same title … if only because it’s a nice (martial) arty segue into Toa Fraser’s The Dead Lands, now named forToronto.

More James Rolleston, and this time sans shirt.

Sans NZFC dosh is Jonathan Rayner-Burt’s independent short Stella 459, which has just released a trailer.

And rounding off the week, watermelons …

Joel Kefali’s This is How We Do for Katy Perry, graded by Toybox’s Dave Gibson and – on a somewhat lower budget but delivering a similar run time – Kefali’s recent Loading Docs piece Baba (Dans)

* * *

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