The Trailer Park

The small print …


We embed or link to “NZ” films/TV shows/webseries/TVCs/MVs. We define “NZ” more loosely than the Film Commission or NZ On Air might, but be reasonable. If you live in Copenhagen but your DP once had a one-night stand with someone from Timaru, that’s not going to cut it.

  • For films: teasers, trailers promoting theatrical premiere (anywhere) or start of NZ release.
  • For TV shows: first (or only) air date. New seasons of continuing shows are OK, but no repeats or “encore screenings” as your PR people like to call them.
  • For online content, including VOD releases of other content: pretty much anything goes, unless it’s illegal.
  • The Trailer Park is a curated showcase, not free advertising, but you could do us both a favour. Like screeNZ on facebook and follow us on twitter. Both help grow our reach; our growth directs more eyeballs at your work.

The Trailer Park is published on Mondays. Cut-off for inclusion is 10am Monday. We only embed video or link to it from a third party source. screeNZ does not host video content.

If you’d like to advertise your event elsewhere on the screeNZ website or in our regular newsletters, we’d love to talk to you. Email us or call to discuss options.