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Turbo Kid enjoyed in Utah

Shortly before UK-NZ title Slow West left Sundance clutching a major gong, the first reviews for Midnight at Park City’s Canada-NZ feature Turbo Kid began to spurt forth.

Turbo Kid teaser

Although the reviews for Turbo Kid were not as effusive as those for Slow West, there was much to like about them including – for Australians – repeated references to Mad Max as a source of inspiration.

Variety’s Dennis Harvey and The Hollywood Reporter’s John DeFore both enjoyed Turbo Kid, the former’s review summing it up as a “fun satirical flashback to 1980s Mad Max knockoffs and more juvenile post-apocalyptic adventures”.

DeFore’s bottom line took a similar tone, calling it an “endearingly sincere romp through ’80s popcorn-flick tropes”.

Both reviewers also agreed on the film’s prospects, “should be much sought after by fantasy fest and midnight programmers” and “will play well at fests and in specialty bookings”.

DeFore said the title was a “pitch-perfect pastiche that never mocks its inspirations, the picture is silly fun to warm the hearts of aging fanboys and delight hipsters who weren’t yet born the first time Mel Gibson donned Max’s leathers”.

Harvey suggested that it “could provide more consistent high energy and bigger laughs” but noted “there’s a good-naturedness to the whole enterprise that makes it pleasing despite its lack of truly inspired moments”.

Turbo Kid also made High Snobiety’s list of Sundance titles to look out for.

Turbo Kid had its world premiere in Sundance’s Park City at Midnight programme.

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