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Turbo Kid wins at BiFan

The Bucheon International Fantastic Film Festival (BiFan) handed out its festival gongs on Friday night, its NAFF project market awards having been handed out earlier in the week.

Kiwi actor Edwin Wright is Skeletron

Kiwi actor Edwin Wright is Skeletron

Turbo Kid won the Best Director gong for Francois SIMARD, Anouk WHISSELL, Yoann-Karl WHISSELL, who’d spoken via phone from Korea to the NZ premiere audience last weekend. The film gets an extra screening as BiFan’s final weekend is largely given over to screenings of the major award winners.

The festival’s headline Bucheon Choice: Feature Award went to Philip Yung’s Hong Kong crime-thriller Port Of Call, which also took the Best Actress award and a Special Mention for Best Actor.

Among the festival’s feature jury was Doc Edger Alexandre O. Philippe (The People vs George Lucas, Doc of the Dead).

Cannes-premiered local favourite Coin Locker Girl took the Jury Choice Award, with lead Kim Go-eun awarded a Special Mention in the Best Actress category.

A Love Story

A Love Story

From the short film programme Steven Baker’s A Love Story took the Jury Choice Award, with Iddo SOSKOLNE & Janne REINIKAINEN’s Reunion awarded the Best Short Film gong.

BiFan is Asia’s largest genre festival and screened a record 235 films this year. The festival opened with Moonwalkers. The film sold out its 3000+ tickets in eight seconds – which says quite a lot about Korean internet capacity.

Earlier in the week, the NAFF project market awards were handed out, with Australian Isabel Peppard’s Silk (“a lush, cross-cultural fairytale that combines metaphorical body-horror with animated worlds”) among the winners.

Isabel Peppard’s Butterflies

BiFan runs 16 – 26 July. NAFF ran 19 – 22 July. The events’ award winners were:

BiFan Awards
Bucheon Choice: Feature
Best of Bucheon

Port of Call, Philip YUNG

Best Director
Turbo Kid (Directed by Francois SIMARD, Anouk WHISSELL, Yoann-Karl WHISSELL

Best Actor
Chino Darin, Death in Buenos Aires, Natalia META
Special Mention : Michael Ning, Port of Call, Philip YUNG

Best Actress
Jessie Li, Port of Call, Philip YUNG
Special Mention: Kim Go-eun, Coin Locker Girl , HAN Jun Hee

Jury’s Choice
Coin Locker Girl , HAN Jun Hee

NH Nonghyun Citizen’s Choice
The Master Plan, Alain DARBORG

Bucheon Choice: Short
Best Short Film


Jury’s Choice for Short Film
A Love Story, Steven BAKER
Special Mention: The Fisherman, Alejandro SUAREZ LOZANO

Best Korean Short Film
The Scoundrels, AHN Seung hyuk

Citizen’s Choice for Short Film
Sweet Family, PARK Joong Ha

European Fantastic Film Festival Federation (EFFFF) Asian Award
Assassination Classroom, HASUMI Eiichiro
Special Mention: Bombay Velvet, Anurag KASHYAP

Netpac Award
100 Yen Love, TAKE Masaharu

LG HiEntech Award
Boy from Wonderland, HUH Eun Hee

NAFF Awards
Bucheon Award

Gun Women: The Patriots, Mitsutake Kurando (Japan-US)

NAFF Award
The Hell Bank Heist, Wan Chi Man (Hong Kong)

DHL Award
Silk, Isabel Peppard (Australia)

Medialink Capital Award and WTUF Award
Dead Sign II: The Night of Ghost Return, Yi Jun (China)

TOKYOPOP Asian Film Award
Ricky Boy The Wonder Boy, Victor Louie A. Villanueva (Philippines)

C2M Award
The Double Life of Myself, Chan Nga Lei (China)

The Tag-Along, Wei-Hao Cheng (Taiwan)

The Color Award
The Four, Lee Seong Tae (Korea)

Wave Lab
Never Die Again, Park Jung Bum (Korea)

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