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TV ad spend up and down

There was limited good news for broadcasters, online businesses and cinemas in the Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) ad spend figures released for 2013. Overall adspend grew to $2.274 billion in 2013 from $2.164 billion in 2012. The spend on TV advertising fell as a percentage of that overall spend, but in cold hard dollar terms grew $20 million to $634 million.

In cash terms it’s good news, although the figure remains $9 million below the $643 million spent on TV advertising back in 2004 – when it was spent on far fewer channels.

TV became the biggest category of adspend in 2011, onscreen advertising overtaking newspaper advertising for the first time that year. TV grew its lead over newspaper advertising again in 2013.

Cinema advertising spend grew a little in 2013, to $8 million, but still sits a long way down on its 2004 heyday, when the spend sat at $13 million.

Interactive, the youngster of the advertising bunch, has naturally seen considerable growth in the last decade. From accounting for $15 million worth of spend back in 2004, its 2013 spend was $471 million. Spend jumped over $100 million in 2013, tipping Interactive over 20% of overall ad spend for the first time. It now sits only 1% ($23 million) shy of the second largest category, newspaper advertising.

Other categories contributing to the $2.274 billion spend were radio, magazine, outdoor, addressed mail and unaddressed aka junk mail.

Ad Spend 2013

$ (millions) % of total
TV 634 27.9
Interactive 471 20.7
Cinema 8 0.4
TOTAL all categories 2274