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TV3 Election Night Coverage

Jeremy Corbett has replaced John Campbell as presenter for the forthcoming TV3 Decision ’14 election broadcast, which will screen on September 20 from 7pm.

The move comes after a clerical error in which MediaWorks TV Director of News and Current Affairs, Mark Jennings accidentally sent out a contract for the presenting assignment to the wrong email address.

“I feel like an absolute muppet over this. It used to be Campbell’s contact details that auto filled in my gmail settings first, but I’ve been emailing Corbett a lot lately pertaining to an unrelated harassment case, and bugger me if his email didn’t somehow pop up first,” explained Jennings.

Corbett, best known as the longstanding host of 7 Days is excited at the new opportunity, “This has been a long time coming, and I think it’s a smart move from TV3. No disrespect to John, but suck it mate.” announced Corbett through a megaphone from the rooftop of TV3, as Queen’s We Are the Champions played through a boom box nearby.

Corbett has wasted no time in bringing fellow 7 Days regulars Paul Ego and Dai Henwood on board to replace Duncan Garner and Patrick Gower for the election special, “Dai is a dead ringer for Duncs, we’ll just put him on a box nearer the camera. And Paul, as much as he won’t like me saying this, looks a lot like Paddy in the right light.”

Campbell was understandably bemused by the error, “This is absolutely absurd and we’ll certainly be investigating this on Campbell Live later this week”, he said moments before being informed the contract mix up means his beloved 7pm current affairs slot has also fallen into Corbett’s hands.

In a rare cynical moment, Campbell was heard mumbling, “Marvellous, just fucking marvellous,” while carrying his possessions out of the TV3 offices earlier this afternoon.

“What I’m most looking forward to about presenting the Decision ’14 is picking who’ll be in charge of New Zealand for the next three years, Corbett said.

“I’ve got a feeling New Zealanders will be pleasantly surprised by my judgement.”