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TVNZ the big Qantas winner

TVNZ was partying hard on Saturday night, starting on the street outside Auckland’s Civic Theatre immediately the awards ended and fags could be lit up. The team celebrated creaming TV3, having won 11 of 12 awards in the News and Current Affairs categories.

Anthony Flannery

Anthony Flannery

Pausing only to put out a press release celebrating their achievements, they went for it.

TVNZ’s Head of News and Current Affairs, Anthony Flannery, said, “We’re absolutely over the moon … TVNZ is proud of their brilliant work.” He then went on to praise several of the winners individually.

The press release took the opportunity to rub a little salt around, noting that there were several categories where TVNZ staff and journalists were named as all 3 finalists.

TV3 will take some small comfort from Amanda Gillies’ win for Best News Reporting for her coverage of the Victorian bush fires, but on the whole it was not a great night for the MediaWorks team.

Having only picked up one Craft Award, Best Sound Design in General Television, for Gibson Group’s Aftershock against TVNZ’s 11, it’s fair to say the Qantas logo won’t be appearing much on their promos over the next year.

A disappointing night for TV3, whichever way you cut it, and just to make it a little worse the channel hosted the delayed broadcast of the event on Sunday evening, forcing it to promote its rival’s successes right, left and centre.

To be fair to TV3, they didn’t opt for showing every award they did win and cutting as many other as possible. Of the TV awards screened in the coverage, TVNZ won 12 to MediaWorks’ 3; of those not screened, the score was 6-4 in TVNZ’s favour.

However, the broadcast did reorder the evening’s events, ensuring that the clutch of awards going to TVNZ were shown in the final third of the programme, after 11.30pm and after the major film awards had been presented.

The captioning of the television awards also removed station and network identities which had been present onscreen and in the printed programme for the event.

So, all over for another year. After a night of cameraderie and warmth, it’s back to business as usual for another year, back to trying to make great programmes and films long and short, to trying to deliver maximum value in tight conditions so there are more fine achievements to celebrate next year.