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TVNZ makes retirees work for free supper

Mindful of the need to get bang for their buck in difficult times, TVNZ threw a party for former newsreaders last Wednesday night to celebrate 40 years of network news, and then parked four of them in front of the camera to each read a morning news bulletin on Thursday’s Breakfast programme.

Viewing numbers peaked at 435,000 or four times, give or take, the usual numbers for the morning show, delivering considerable value for both TVNZ and its advertisers. Those wishing to amble down memory lane can catch the veterans’ appearances on Breakfast on TVNZ’s website.

Viewers inundated the programme with hundreds of texts and emails of thanks, appreciation and the odd marriage proposal, in contrast to the flak Breakfast co-host Paul Henry has been attracting after his comments about Susan Boyle.

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