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TVNZ’s New Blood flows

TVNZ has teamed up with a range of local storytellers to launch more than 20 original short-form pieces of content via TVNZ.co.nz, YouTube and Facebook today, all produced under TVNZ’s New Blood innovation initiative.

Collaborating with local talent – producers, directors, writers, filmmakers, comedians, and actors – New Blood aims to create content specifically designed to live online and reach viewers with less traditional media habits.

“New Blood is TVNZ’s way of reaching viewers who might not be engaging with our content like they used to,” says TVNZ’s digital commissioner, Amie Mills.

“We wanted to work with new and emerging talent to create content that is different, provocative and champions diversity – voices, ethnicities, gender, sexuality, beliefs – as well as authenticity.”

“There’s one-off comedy sketches, documentaries, 2-part stories, stand-up specials and comedy web series. What makes this work exciting is that content formats are defined by the story being told, rather than having to stick to a particular format. We’re looking forward to seeing how our viewers react and engage with the work as it will inform what we create in the next phase of production.”

Since its inception in late 2016, New Blood has launched: Re:, an alternative socially-driven news brand, a TVNZ and NZ On Air funded competition for Kiwis to vote for their favourite pilot to be funded into a full web-series, and a project to create experimental scripted and factual short-form content.

TVNZ is currently working on the second phase of New Blood content-creation and welcomes conversations with local content creators who have unique stories to tell.

New Blood titles include:
30 Days (pictured, top) – A one-off sketch where an office worker has an existential crisis trying to remember the date.
Creator: Simon Ward (writer, actor)

Chatty Chatty Bang Bang – Hairstylist Guy Roberts gets up close and personal with a number of famous faces whilst cutting their hair, talking life and music.
Creator: Guy Roberts (Vada Hair)

Deconstructed Café – A one-off comedy sketch about a cafe where DIY dining is taken a little too seriously…
Creator: Hayley Sproull (writer, actor)

Girl Interrupted – The Masty – A sketch series about women dealing with first-world problems.
Creators: Jessica Joy Wood (writer) and Kura Forrester (writer, actor)

Hayley’s Kitchen – An online comedy cooking series hosted by an extremely amateur cook, Hayley.
Creator: Hayley Sproull (writer, actor)

Interns – A character sketch series about the exploits of interns working within a media organisation.
Creators: TVNZ’s Adam King (co-writer, director) & Thomas Sainsbury (co-writer)

Smash It With Ash – Ash Smith, a rural Bogan, has created a vlog where he smashes various household items and explains how they work.
Creator: Thomas Sainsbury (writer, actor)

So This Happened – An animation series of real people telling stories of everyday sexism, micro-aggressions and just plain weird shit that happens every day but tends to get swept under the rug and not talked about.
Creators: TVNZ’s Maha Albadrawi (producer) & TVNZ’s Lucy Zee (producer)

Stand Up – (coming soon) Comics David Correos, Eli Matthewson, Fan Brigade, James Nokise and Paul Douglas each perform stand-up at Auckland’s Backbeat Bar.

Tag a Mate – A comedy sketch making fun of online meme-culture.
Creators: Paul Douglas (writer, actor) and David Correos (writer, actor)

The Han Chronicles – A 2-part true story of an Asian man assimilating into life in New Zealand in the 1970s.
Creator: Chye-Ling Huang (writer)

The World’s Fastest Māori – Shot across New Zealand’s wild Far North, this story isn’t about a record – it’s about how you choose to live life.
Creators: TVNZ’s Jamie Gallant and Vern Cummins

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