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Ultra Wide Zoom UWZ 9.5-18/T2.9 now in use worldwide

ARRI, IBC 2014, Amsterdam: Since it started shipping earlier this year, the ARRI Ultra Wide Zoom UWZ 9.5-18/T2.9 has been enthusiastically embraced in countries including China, Taiwan, Japan, Singapore, the Philippines, Hong Kong, Germany, Sweden, the United States, Canada and Denmark. Customers are utilizing the lens’s unique wide-angle images for commercials, aerial and underwater shots, plate shots for VFX-heavy shows and crane or Russian Arm shots.

The UWZ is the first super wide-angle zoom lens for the professional cine market. With an unusually accommodating image circle of 34.5 mm, it has been designed for both existing and future generations of large-sensor digital cameras, incorporating patented, cutting-edge lens technologies that overcome known problems with previous wide-angle zooms. It is available in ARRI LDS PL mount or Canon EF mount.

The optical performance of this new telecentric design is comparable to, or even exceeds, that of high-end wide-angle prime lenses, offering very high resolution and contrast, and virtually no image breathing. For maximum flexibility and cost efficiency on set, the UWZ can easily replace a complete range of wide-angle primes, though it is color matched to other current ARRI/FUJINON and ARRI/ZEISS lenses.

Optimized for the requirements of VFX applications, the UWZ is ideal for plate shots or any other situation where maximum image quality is vital. Distortion is at a level of less than 1% at 9.5 mm and less than 0.1% at 18 mm, which means that straight lines stay straight, even at close focus. Due to a new multilayer, anti-reflective coating, flare and veiling glare are reduced to an absolute minimum, while exchangeable matte box interfaces ensure adequate sun protection whether filters are in use or not.

The telecentric optical design means that the UWZ has a highly uniform field illumination, from the center to the very corners of the image, even at close focus. Built-in ARRI Lens Data System (LDS) functionality provides frame-accurate lens metadata for zoom, focus and aperture settings, smoothing postproduction workflows and making visual effects work more efficient.

Cinematographer Bill Bennett, ASC, who has used the UWZ for an aerial shoot in Los Angeles, commented: “I’ve seen this lens up on a lens projector and it’s ridiculously good; in fact, for how wide it is, it’s shockingly good. Every other wide lens I’ve seen has compromises with the resolution, but the UWZ does not.”

About ARRI:

With headquarters located in Munich, Germany, Arnold and Richter Cine Technik (A&R) was founded in 1917 and is the world’s largest manufacturer and distributor of motion picture camera, digital intermediate (DI) and lighting equipment. The ARRI Group comprises a global network of subsidiaries and partners that covers every facet of the film industry, including worldwide camera, grip and lighting equipment rental through ARRI Rental; turnkey lighting solutions through the ARRI System Group; lab services, postproduction and visual effects through ARRI Film & TV; and film distribution through ARRI Worldsales. Manufactured products include the ALEXA camera system and AMIRA documentary-style camera; Master Anamorphic lenses; L-Series LED and M-Series HMI lights; Pro Camera Accessories; and ARRISCAN archive technologies. The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences has recognized ARRI’s engineers and their technical contributions with 18 Scientific and Engineering Awards.

For locations and more information please visit www.arri.com

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