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Screen and Media Studies



We live and work in the 21st century, and all our students will spend their working lives there. That is why the Screen and Media Studies programme is oriented towards the future. Everything we do is guided by the question – how relevant is this to the future of the media?

We know that the future will demand more mobility and flexibility. Therefore we will supply students with the skills and understanding necessary to think about and through the media. We want all our students to have the full range of skills for research and communication, because these will be the key skills of the coming decades, whatever careers they move into.

Our programmes of study are designed to provide a sound knowledge and the essential skills required in a variety of occupations where an understanding of the modern media of public communication will be valued. In particular, we develop the student’s ability to:

  • combine critical thinking and creative practice;
  • analyse organisational, technological, social and aesthetic aspects of the media;
  • research, assess and present ideas and information in vivid, clear and useful ways; and
  • work effectively, both on one’s own and as a member of a team.

As New Zealand’s leading research-based department in this vital area, our teaching is informed by our research and the teaching staff’s research interests include, New Zealand in the global media economy, media education and media democracy, media regulation and media ethics, national cinemas, news, media and religion, digital gaming, animation studies, creative industries, practice-based research, film-making and digital storytelling.

Screen and Media Studies is available as a major for the Bachelor of Arts (BA) and the Bachelor of Media and Creative Technologies (BMCT). Screen and Media Studies may also be taken as a second major or as a supporting subject within other undergraduate degrees.

Courses you can study within the Bachelor of Media and Creative Technologies (BMCT) or Screen and Media Studies as a Major for the Bachelor of Arts (BA) include:

CRPC101 Creative Technologies and Creative Practice
SMST101 Digital Screens
SMST102 Media Cutlures
SMST112 Video Production 1
SMST201 Media in Aotearoa
SMST208 Histories of the Moving Image
SMST209 Topics in Media Representation
SMST212 Video Production 2
SMST214 Contemporary World Cinema
SMST215 Contemporary Television
SMST217 Screen Media and Digital Practices
SMST218 Writing for Screen and Media
SMST219 Screen Theory
CRPC301 Creative Technologies and Creative Practice Project
SMST306 The Documentary Screen
SMST308 Advanced Integrated Screen Media
SMST309 Propaganda and Advertising
SMST310 Small Studio Production 2
SMST311 Screen, Spirituality and Culture
SMST312 Video Production 3
SMST313 Screen and Media Internship
SMST318 Animation Studies
SMST319 Games Studies
SMST321 Media Research

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