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Vendetta picks a fight with Indonesians

Following Indonesian martial arts film Headshot’s successful premiere at Toronto, XYZ has announced sales to several territories, including NZ via Vendetta.

XYZ partnered with Matthew Metcalfe’s General Film Corporation early in 2015 to create distributor XYZ-GFC, having previously acquired rights to Toa Fraser’s The Dead Lands and 6 Days, both produced by Metcalfe.

Headshotbrings back Iko Uwais, the lead of Gareth Evans’ The Raid which also premiered in Toronto before a very successful international run in festivals and on wider release. The Raid’s Julie Estelle (Hammer Girl) also appears in Headshot.

For those who enjoy joining the dots, onscreen talent isn’t the only link between The Raid and Headshot. The Raid producer (and director Evans’ partner) Rangga Maya Barack-Evans went on to EP Indonesia-Japan title Killers by Kimo Stamboel & Timo Tjahjanto (aka The Mo Brothers), bringing on Shinjiro Nishimura as producer. (Prior to Killers, Tjahjanto contributed L is for Libido to the Ant Timpson-produced ABCs of Death, and co-directed V/H/S/2 segment Safe Haven with The Raid director Gareth Evans.)

After Killers Nishimura produced Yakuza Apocalypse (led by The Raid’s Yayan Ruhian) he and Kimo Stamboel & Timo Tjahjanto teamed up again for Headshot.

Headshot borrows a plot premise from early Jason Bourne titles (photogenic man has forgotten everything except how to beat the shit out of opponents), an approach from The Raid (nobody reads the subtitles when the fighting starts). Reviews out of Toronto (where Headshot played the Midnight Madness programme) called the film bloody and brutal and the audiences extremely enthusiastic.

Headshot trailer

Vendetta has yet to announce a NZ date for Headshot, but currently lists it as an upcoming theatrical release.

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