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Vendetta to unleash zombies everywhere

Guy Pigden’s I Survived a Zombie Holocaust will release on many platforms simultaneously next month.

I Survived A Zombie Holocaust

I Survived A Zombie Holocaust

The Dunedin-shot feature had its world premiere on home ground as part of the city’s Dundead pop culture festival last August. It’s also been a winner overseas at Sydney’s A Night of Horror and was named #1 in the top ten list at Frightfest in London last year.

It was the first film to be shot in Dunedin with a local cast and crew since Scarfies.
ISAZH will be available in cinemas, on VOD and DVD and, in a NZ first, via the Cinema on Demand website Tugg.

Tugg allows people to request a screening at their local cinema, then spread the word to their communities. If the necessary number of people commit, the screening goes ahead. Similar to many crowdfunding platforms, if the proposed screening doesn’t attract sufficient interest, nobody’s money gets taken. Tugg was used for the Australian release of The Dead Lands.

The company is Austin, Texas-based and has a partnership with several US cinema chains including Alamo Drafthouse, whose Tim League is Ant Timpson’s producing partner on the ABCs of Death franchise.

I Survived A Zombie Holocaust trailer

I Survived a Zombie Holocaust will also have regular screenings at cinemas and be available on DVD, on VOD sites iTunes, Quickflix and NZ Film On Demand from 22 May.

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