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VNZMA nominees line up

With the Tuis most-awarded individual artist, Bic Runga, named for the event’s Legacy Award this year, screen industry interest is mostly centred on the Vodafone New Zealand Music Awards’ new Artisan Awards event.

The inaugural Artisan Awards collect together the people deemed less interesting to the TV audience on the big night, like producers and video directors, and hive them off into a less public event. That’s not quite the way sponsor Vodafone puts it, but it’s basically the equivalent of the Craft Awards: not appropriate viewing for primetime TV.

The “standalone cocktail event” next Thursday (20 October) “celebrates the behind the scene excellence of the industry”.

Among the Artisan Awards on offer is the MV award, which sees Chris Lane nominated for Avalanche City’s Inside Out, Sam Peacocke in the frame with Pacific Heights Ft. Louis Baker’s Buried By The Burden, and Show Me Shorts MV finalist (and party band) Ha the Unclear’s Secret Lives of Furniture video by Simon Oliver complete the category.

Shahir Daud’s video for Cymatics by Nigel Stanford won the award last year, with Campbell Hooper’s video for The Naked and Famous’ Hearts Like Ours (pictured, top) taking the win in 2014.

Th nominees for Best Engineer include Sam Scott, recently a presenter at the Big Screen Symposium and finalist at the Silver Scrolls, and currently in the frame for a Wellingtonian of the Year award. At the Tuis he’s nominated with Lee Prebble for their work on Dave Dobbyn’s Harmony House.

The winners of some categories are already announced, including Te Vaka Amataga for Best Pacific Album. The group’s songwriter Opetaia Foa‘i has been composing songs for Disney’s Moana alongside Lion King composer Mark Mancina and Lin-Manuel Miranda, whose work on Hamilton has been making plenty of waves.

The VNZMA Artisan awards are presented 20 October, with the big night at Vector Arena on Thursday, 17 November. Courtesy of NZ On Air support, the Vodafone New Zealand Music Awards will be broadcast and streamed by TV3.

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