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VoiceQ pays homage

Post-production innovator VoiceQ has launched a new release that pays homage to the French post-production industry.

VoiceQ software automates the dialog replacement process at the post-production stage in the film, television, video and gaming industries.

VoiceQ pioneered systemized dubbing back in 2003 when it digitized the French Rythmo Band, a process that has long stood as the pinnacle in dubbing precision. It went on to patent this technology and develop it into an end-to-end software solution that is used in innovative production studios globally.

Now it has come full circle with the latest release adding traditional “French” features that include new digital markers for adaptors’ script annotation, voice talent cues in timeline and Rythmo Band, Croiselle Matrix Reporting, as well as Auto Sync Language support and the most precise platform integration.

VoiceQ CEO Steven Renata says: “The French are the best in the world at dubbing. VoiceQ was inspired by the French Rythmo Band, where we adapted a traditional concept to the digital age, saving ourselves, in the words of the renowned Jacques Barreau, ‘50 years of research’. And the French industry continues to inspire our R&D program, with leading professionals in France, and in French markets offshore, providing innovation and direction.”(1)

One of these, Charles Fathy, French American founder of Encore Voices in Los Angeles, says: “VoiceQ sets itself apart by being the only interactive rythmo-band available. We recognize the value of this interactivity, as well as other highly convenient features, and believe that they will soon become the norm as they are essential to reach the highest level of accuracy and authenticity in dubbing.”

The French-inspired innovation is now run in 200 studios globally, from Reykjavik to Rio de Janiero, with clients leading the way in creating change in the industry – the latest sign-on is in Bulgaria, a nation formerly described as “the Silicon Valley of the Eastern bloc” that many see as a hot-bed for innovation.

The product inspires loyalty from Studio Managers, Engineers and even actors, one posting recently “Had the chance to try out VoiceQ for the first time and I loved it. If dubbing and karaoke had a very smart child, and this kid went to the university, their name would be VoiceQ.”

The company sees tremendous growth as SVOD services like Netflix and Amazon drive demand for authentically dubbed content.



The new release is available through voiceq.com.

VoiceQ is proprietary software developed by New Zealand technology company Kiwa Digital Ltd that automates the dialog replacement process at the post-production stage in the film, television, video and gaming industries. For more www.voiceq.com.