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WA$TED makes new sales

The US version of Fumes TV’s format show WA$TED has been picked up for international distribution by All3Media, which has sold it into France, other French-speaking European countries and Africa.

It’s good news for Fumes, and also for NZ On Air, who get a return of 10% nett on format sales for programmes they’ve supported. WA$TED series 1 and 2 received just under $862,000 from the funder.

The show has won several awards, including FRAPA/C21 Best Observational Format Award at MIPCOM, the Supreme EECA EnergyWise Award, NZ government’s Green Ribbon Award and the NZ Sustainable Business Network Innovation Award .

The original (NZ) version of the show has already been sold into several territories, including Asia, Canada, the US, Latin America and Australia. The format is sold into the US (where it will go to a third series). Quebec and Portugal are both considering third series at present.

Carthew Neal, the driving force behind Fumes, currently has a scripted comedy show in development.

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