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Weta adds to awards collection

The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences has named the 18 scientific and technical achievements which will be awarded Sci-Tech gongs at next month’s ceremony. The Scientific and Technical Awards are the Academy’s only non-production-specific awards apart from honorary and lifetime achievement awards.

Luca Fascione, J.P. Lewis and Iain Matthews are awarded Scientific and Engineering Awards (Academy Plaques) for the design, engineering, and development of the FACETS facial performance capture and solving system at Weta Digital.

FACETS was one of the first reliable systems to demonstrate accurate facial tracking from an actor-mounted camera, combined with rig-based solving, in large-scale productions. This system enables animators to bring the nuance of the original live performances to a new level of fidelity for animated characters.

At awards, Weta personnel are among those nominated for work on the live-action The Jungle Book (pictured, top) at this year’s Visual Effects Society (VES) awards and the BAFTAs. The film is nominated at the BAFTAs for in the VFX category; and at the VES ceremony for the Compositing, Effects Simulations, Virtual Cinematography, VFX awards, plus two nominations for Animated Performance (King Louie and Shere Khan).

The Visual Effects Society awards will be presented 7 February; the Academy Awards for scientific and technical achievements will be presented 11 February; the BAFTAS will be presented 12 February.

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