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Will The Lovely Bones be unearthed first in Wellington

Contrary to reports elsewhere, the world premiere for Peter Jackson’s The Lovely Bones has not been confirmed for 11 December or any other date, in Wellington or anywhere else, according to Paramount Pictures.

The release date is confirmed for 26 December, so it’s a reasonably safe bet the world premiere will take place some time before that as these things inevitably involve an international press tour and even actors like to have Christmas off.

Jamie Wilson of Chameleon Events, which managed the Wellington premieres of LOTR: Return of the King and King Kong, said he had been approached about a Wellington premiere but that nothing was yet confirmed.

After the armies marching down Courtenay place at the LOTR premieres and crowds waving thousands of inflatable bananas for Kong, one wonders what might be appropriate for the story of a 14 year old rape and murder victim.

The release, previously slated for the northern hemisphere summer, has been pushed back to Christmas to place it up front and centre in the minds of the Academy members who vote for the Oscars.

With the Awards season push a major part of the release plan, there exists a strong argument for premiering in the US rather than here, since the NZ connection is arguably less important than it was on LOTR and King Kong.

Local Paramount staff said that they hoped there would be an announcement in the next fortnight about the premiere, but for now the news is very much “hurry up and wait”.

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