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WSMC looks for next home

The World Summit on Media for Children (WSMC), which had its most recent outing in Malaysia, is seeking bids to host its 2017 bash.


The September 2014 edition of WMSC brought broadcasters and other interested parties to Asia for the first time, following summits in Australia, Brazil, Greece, Sweden and the UK.

NZ On Air’s Jane Wrightson attended the summit in Malaysia, which coincided with the agency commencing its own research on childrens’ programming. Wrightson reported from Malaysia on a “widespread concern at the lack of decent funding for children’s content, especially of the type not intended to sell toys or ice creams”.

She also noted that other WSMC delegates were “uniformly envious” of NZ On Air’s dedicated funding for children’s content”. NZ On Air directs c25% of its contestable TV funding towards content targeting young people.

WSMC announced a plan for 2017 (still on its website at time of writing) which would see a partnership led by the European Broadcasting Union take mount the 2017 Summit in Switzerland, but that has now fallen through.

The WSMC is now accepting tenders until 30 April to host the World Summit on Media for Children (WSMC) in 2017. More information will be available via the WSMC website and from the WSMC Foundation’s founder and chair, Australia’s Dr Patricia Edgar.

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