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XDCAM Line-up delivers more flexibility and higher performance

Sony, Amsterdam, 12 September 2014: An established production standard for ENG, sports and reality TV, Sony’s XDCAM range is continually evolving its workflow in response to the increasing requirements of video professionals.

The XDCAM series has proven its flexibility through an ability to record and play a range of formats, including MPEG-2 HD422, and its support for efficient MXF-file-based workflows. The technology has adapted and grown while maintaining its core benefits, with significant developments including:

  • continued expansion of Professional Disc based products

  • new codecs and formats to match users’ storage, bandwidth and quality needs

  • new efficient wireless workflows that move footage from the field to the edit suite faster

  • 4K capabilities

  • enhanced audio integration.

XAVC format support

The XAVC format is becoming a worldwide industry standard, with more than 65 companies, including hardware manufacturers, already supporting the format.

In 2012, Sony introduced the XAVC format, capable of handling High-Frame-Rate (HFR) HD and 4K content.

In 2013, Sony added XAVC Long-GOP encoding as an alternative to the existing XAVC intra-frame codec—offering higher compression and more efficient network-based production. The new codec enables 1080/60p (up from 1080/60i) at 50 Mbps, and supports smooth migration from 25 Mbps DVCAM.

Now, Sony is adding XAVC compliance across its XDCAM range, giving users more choice in selecting a format that best suits their application.

Sony XDCAM models that are XAVC-compliant include:

PXW-Z100, PXW-X70¹, PXW-X160, PXW-X180, PXW-X200, PMW-300, PMW-400, PXW-X500, PXW-FS7,PMW-RX50, MW-1000³, PDW-HD1550 and XDS-PD2000².

Wireless workflow

XDCAM camcorders support wireless workflows—including wireless control from remote devices, and wireless file transfers for networked field production. Sony’s newest XDCAM models – PXW-X180, PXW-X200 and PXW–X500 – have built-in wireless capability, while other XDCAM models support wireless through the addition of an external wireless adapter (CBK-WA100). Sony plans to add live streaming capabilities to these cameras starting in early 2015.

XDCAM new products

  • PXW-FS7 XDCAM 4K Camcorder

The new PXW-FS7 is the first XDCAM camera to feature a 4K Super35 CMOS sensor and α Mount System with support for a variety of recording formats including XAVC Intra/Long GOP recording with 4:2:2 10-bit encoding as well as MPEG HD 4:2:2.It is capable of shooting 4K Quad Full HD in XAVC 4K and super slow motion in Full HD also using XAVC.

The PXW-FS7’s unique ergonomic design is highlighted by its hand-grip, grip-arm, viewfinder construction and rounded body design.

The camcorder’s α Mount System supports auto exposure, auto focus and SteadyShot stabilisation during shooting. A new 28-135mm FE PZ F4 G OSS (SELP28135G) E-Mount powered zoom lens which is supplied with the PXW-FS7K (kit version) features independent control rings for iris, zoom and focus.

The PWX-FS7 camera is designed to give customers more flexibility and expanded format choices in a form factor designed for one-person field shooting, including documentary and event production. See separate PXW-FS7 release for full details.


PXW-FS7 (available from Oct. 2014)

PXW-FS7K with new 28-135mm E-Mount Lens (available from Dec. 2014)

  • PXW-X200 1/2 inch-type XDCAM handy camcorder

Sony is introducing the PXW-X200 XDCAM handheld camcorder for videographers and broadcasters looking for outstanding operating performance.

The PXW-X200 incorporates improved 1/2 inch-type Exmor™ 3CMOS sensors, a new 17x zoom lens and XAVC Intra/Long GOP recording with 4:2:2 10-bit encoding as well as MPEG HD 4:2:2. The results are high quality Full HD (1920×1080) pictures, high sensitivity (F13 at 1080/50i), low noise (S/N ratio of 58dB), and a wide dynamic range – essential for professionals shooting under challenging lighting conditions. See separate PXW-X200 release for full details.


PXW-X200 (available from November, 2014)

  • PXW-X500 XDCAM shoulder camcorder

The new PXW-X500 offers superior picture quality with its new three-chip 2/3 inch-type CCD image sensors and multi-format recording capability in MPEG2 HD 4:2:2, XAVC Intra/Long GOP 4:2:2, MPEG-4 SStP 4:2:2 Lite for efficient workflows, plus further flexibility with future optional support for ProRes and DNxHD formats.

The PXW-X500 is designed to be a 1080P acquisition tool for a broad range of HD production applications such as TV dramas, live productions, ENG and sports. See separate PXW-X500/PMW-RX50 release issued August 25th for full details – http://pro.sony.com.au/pro/press/pr-sony-au-nz-pxw-x500


PXW-X500 (available from October, 2014)

  • PMW-RX50 XDCAM Portable Recorder

The PMW-RX50 recorder features a compact and lightweight design, and is capable of SxS recording and playback.

It supports the XAVC Intra 4:2:2 1080 50p/59.94p and XAVC long 4:2:2 1080 50p/59.94p formats, as well as traditional formats such as MPEG HD 4:2:2, 4:2:0, MPEG IMX and DVCAM. It is designed as a field deck companion for XDCAM camcorders, especially in applications like field shoots and on-site location shoots. See separate PXW-X500/PMW-RX50 release issued August 25th for full details – http://pro.sony.com.au/pro/press/pr-sony-au-nz-pxw-x500


PMW-RX50 (available from October, 2014)

High-speed ingest solutions

Sony’s XDCAM workflow now links shooting with recording and editing to deliver effective on-site ingest and backup. High-speed ingest solutions are now available using SxS cards capable of up to 3.5Gbps (440 MBps)transfers (with card models SBP64C and -128C, and SBS-32G1B, -64G1B, and -128G1B) together with supporting card reader/writers (models SBAC-US30, SBAC-UT100). These solutions more than double the speed of current SxS cards and card reader/writers. The SBACUT100 drive also provides two SxS card slots, and offers both USB 3.0 and Thunderbolt interfaces. The unit offers excellent connectivity with editing devices and supports file transfers from up to six cascade-connected SBAC-UT100 units.


SBAC-UT100 (available from January, 2015)

Sony will continue to expand and advance the XDCAM line-up, offering new solutions that meet customers’ needs from the field to the studio, to archive.

¹XAVC Long GOP only.

²XAVC Intraframe only.

³XAVC Intraframe only. Firmware upgrade to support XAC Long GOP available from December 2014.

XAVC Intraframe only.

3.5Gbps (440 MBps) transfer speed is based on Sony verification; actual speed may vary according to conditions.

Actual speed may vary according to conditions.

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