Mark Albiston of The Sweet Shop teams up with Tokio Marine and Havas Worldwide Singapore to create a beautiful spot that reminds us to stop and be ready.


Have you ever felt as if your life was slipping past you?  As if the moments, both big and small, had turned into a time lapse rushing by so fast it was little more than a blur?  The Sweet Shop’s Mark Albiston knows that feeling and in collaboration with Havas Worldwide Singapore and Tokio Marine has created a beautiful portrait of life that celebrates those rare moments that stop and demand our attention. The moments where life reminds us of its infinite possibilities and our need to be ready for them.  

Entitled ‘Yesterday/Today’, the piece features a series of stunningly photographed images that tell an all too familiar story – people from all over the world going about their daily routines in a haze. Disconnected, distracted, and dulled by routine, Mark pushes his trademark visual sensibilities to new heights as he moves the viewer from a world of tedium to one where characters find new, refreshing takes on life. 

Featuring a diverse cast that mixes trained actors with non-professionals, Mark cultivates a series of authentic performances that are as intimate as they are universal; a musician finding the courage to take stage, a bride slipping into her wedding dress, a baby taking its first steps and through careful direction, we view these moments with new life and possibility.

“When I try to think about what happened yesterday, I can hear the ship’s foghorn but I can’t see it. It’s all a blur. But there are times when your life comes to a screaming halt”, says Mark. “I still remember just sitting and staring at my firstborn. It was a moment so incredible it felt like the world stopped and I had become enlightened somehow. This script captured that feeling perfectly.”

Adds Claire Davidson, Managing Director & Executive Producer of The Sweet Shop Asia/MENA, “Yesterday/Today is the perfect instance of how a commercial can be visually exciting while remaining delightfully understated. It’s the kind of emotionally charged storytelling The Sweet Shop has become known for. The entire collaboration was a great experience from start to finish, with the team working seamlessly together. Marty Williams perfectly captured Mark’s vision and Pete Richie used his masterful grading skills to help create this powerful film.”

‘Yesterday/Today’ is yet another example of director Mark Albiston’s mastery of both story and rhythm as well as his ability to use composition to great emotional effect.

View the spot here.

Title: Yesterday/Today
Client: Tokio Marine
Agency + City: Havas Worldwide, Singapore
Group Executive Creative Director: Andrew Hook
Creative Group Head: Beer Poonnotok
Senior Copywriter: Shervin Seah
Account Director: Antoine De La Seigliere
Producer: Lynn Cheng
Production Company: The Sweet Shop
Director: Mark Albiston
Senior Producer: Daniel Ho
Executive Producer: Claire Davidson
DOP: Marty Williams
Art Director: Boom Suanyai
Editor: Mark Albiston
Online Editors: Sandy Ng & Robby Rivai
Colourist: Peter Ritchie
Post Production & City: VHQ, Singapore
Sound Design: Matt Stutter
Sound Engineer: Damian Wadell
Musician: Grayson Gilmour
Final Mix: Song Zu