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Yves Simard needs a bit of Christmas spirit

NZ Crews founder and cameraman Yves Simard has lost his house in a fire.

The fire was covered by Auckland Now. NZCine has a statement from Yves about where things are up to now here.

Monetary donations to help the Simard family start over can be made via Cinescopophilia.

Sioux Macdonald at FilmCrews is coordinating practical offers of help for replacing things lost in the fire, which the family can use or keep during the rebuild or after.

At the moment, the children will need clothes
2 x 8 year old girls
1 x 6 year old girl
1 x 4 year old boy

Yves needs clothes desperately. Waist size 33, he likes long pants or JEANS, needs shirts and tee shirts please.

Michelle needs clothes, toiletries etc (I would think if anyone has a basic first aid type kit too, this would be helpful for wherever they end up). She is a GIRLS size 14 (NOT womans size 14).

Other than that, if people have anything to offer, such as beds for children or Michelle and Yves/whiteware (washing machine/dryer/fridge etc/television/DVD players etc/Old telephones), please do not drop them anywhere yet, email Sioux with your details, and what you have so that she can make an inventory up. 

Sioux will then sit down with Michelle and Yves and they can go through the list, and she can contact people with requests at that point. This will save doubling up with large items.
The family recovered their dining table and couches, so no need for these items.
From 7 January, the family will need accommodation (preferably West Auckland, near Titirangi would be ideal) to house sit or rent for up to 6 months.