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Ziln has a notion of public service

TVNZ took 8 years to screen the 1996 television documentary Someone Else’s Country. After another 5, it’s now freely available.

Written and directed by Alister Barry’s documentary examined the rise of the new right from the pre ’84 Muldoon National Government through the Labour Government of David Lange to the National Government of Jim Bolger and Ruth Richardson and beyond.

‘The fact that a well produced quality programme covering a very choppy time in our history took eight years to be screened by the state broadcaster said a lot about the mentality of of that organisation at the time and it’s relegation to only one screening at midday on a Sunday in October 2004 abandoned of any notion of public service… so it’s with great pleasure we are making the doco available for free on demand viewing on Ziln.’ says Ziln Broadcast Director Paul Brennan.

The documentary’s director Alister Barry said… ‘It astounds me that there has been so little effort to look at what took place in the 80s and 90s. Even now, this film is the only feature documentary to critically examine those years.

Then again perhaps it is in some strange way deliberate, that the commercialism now driving our society cannot question what happened or allow us to think that a better, fairer New Zealand might in fact be possible.’

New Zealander’s have waited long enough and that’s why Ziln is proud to present Someone Else’s Country: The Story Of The New Right Revolution In NZ will be available for free on-line viewing starting 6pm Friday November 27th via the special feature screen on the Ziln home page.

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