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Zoomslide heads towards bright future

The recent appointment of Ross Cunningham as General Manager brings highly desirable skills and a fresh outlook into the Zoomslide fold.

It’s been an incredibly busy year for Auckland based production company; Zoomslide. Since making the decision to maintain a strong focus on long-format content, Zoomslide has been flat tack filming the first series of their new food based television show Real Pasifik. The show, presented by and developed in collaboration with acclaimed international chef Robert Oliver, aired on TV One earlier this year and received a great deal of praise from viewers and media alike.

Thankfully for Zoomslide’s clients, none of this has been at the expense of their other work and the team have continued to produce quality short-form content. In fact, the team have noticed that the new series has helped to elevate their already high standards to even loftier levels. Says Zoomslide Managing Director, Heather Lee; “When you work on amazing projects such as Real Pasifik, it’s impossible not to want to maintain this level of quality across all of your work. But of course it’s about striking that balance of achieving fantastic quality output and keeping costs down for our clients. That’s part of the reason we brought in a new general manager. As the company continues to grow, we want to make sure that all of our clients continue to receive the high levels of attention and care that Zoomslide has become known for”.

The newly appointed General Manager, Ross Cunningham, brings with him a very distinctive skill-set, with a background in fine arts and music and over twenty years of experience in the broadcast, education and management worlds, including ten years as a freelance director and producer. Ross most recently came from the Waikato Institute of Technology where he was responsible for managing the Visual Arts programme. Just prior to this, Ross was a part of Sky Television’s broadcast team and during his time there was proud to have played an instrumental role in designing and establishing their training department.

It is his appreciation of growth and development which will help ensure that the Zoomslide team will continue to grow and meet the vast and hugely differing needs of their clients.

Enthuses Ross; “Making the move to Zoomslide appealed to me as I really enjoy being in a position where I have responsibility for strategic planning and governance, as well as having input into the tactical. I love playing a part in the creative and then ensuring that that creative is in line with the bigger picture stuff”. One of the valuable skills that Ross brings with him to Zoomslide is his ability to easily jump between the tactical and the strategic.

So as the year draws to a close, there is no slowing down of pace in Zoomslide’s historical Grey Lynn premises – everybody remains fully motivated and operating in high gear. Happily all of the team’s hard work has paid off with several exciting projects lined up for 2014. And just last month NZ On Air confirmed they will be providing additional funding for a second series of Real Pasifik. All in all the future is bright for Zoomslide.